11" x 17" Headliner Announcement Poster

11" x 17" Headliner Announcement Poster

Seattle Pride - Volunteer Park pride Festival 2018- branding Design

For this Volunteer Park Pride Festival’s 2018 branding, I wanted to create something that was vibrant and fun to reflect the heart of the festival, which is a community-oriented, all-ages, free event. I created a central graphic that could be incorporated into different components of the advertising materials, which ranged from large format posters (24" x 36") to digital banners and print ads. 

I utilized a mix of hand-drawn foliage shapes as a recurring element to tie the different designs together, since I wanted to have a bright and loose color palette to symbolize the diversity in the LGBTQ community without overusing the rainbow. I wanted to incorporate rainbow elements without making it the sole focal point. 

Branding, art direction, Illustration, print layout, digital design



Each artist was given their own custom poster design based on the photos they submitted. I wanted to incorporate elements of the main poster graphic, but make them even more bold and colorful in order to be as eye-catching as possible on the street. 


Social Media Graphics

IG Announcement.png
IG Graphic 3.jpg

Print & Digital Ads 

VPPF Ad 3 - Small Strip 2.jpg
VPPF Ad 6 - Quarter 2.png
VPPF Ad 10 - Three Quarter.jpg
VPPF Ad 8 - Half Vertical.jpg
ad 2.png
ad 1.png
VPPF_Ticketing E-blast.png
The Stranger - Website re-skin

The Stranger - Website re-skin

Print Assets

Staff badge, event brochure

Staff badge, event brochure