Lifelong Corkage Poster-02.png

Cafe Pettirosso

Promotional poster & web graphic commissioned for Cafe Pettirosso's wine promotion in collaboration with the non-profit organization Lifelong. Bird illustration sourced from The British Library's online public collection for a vintage style design to match the restaurant's logo.  

11" x 17" poster

Collage, layout


Womxns March 11 x 17 2-01.png


Commissioned as part of Polite Society's pro-bono poster campaign for the 2018 Womxn's March in Seattle. Vintage illustrations are from The British Library's online public collection.

11" x 17" poster

Collage, layout

Cat Adoption Poster.jpg

Pets in the Park - Poster Design

This promotional poster design was commissioned by a sponsor for a pet adoption event with Seattle Humane. I wanted to create something irresistibly adorable to draw the eye of people on the street and encourage them to attend this heartwarming event. 

11" x 17" poster

Custom illustration, typography, layout

REI Concert Series 11 x 17.jpg

REI Summer concert series 2018

I created these for a series of free concerts that REI was hosting at their flagship store. The client wanted to keep a similar look and feel to their previous designs - combining some rustic/outdoor elements with a modern look.

11" x 17" poster

Illustration, typography, layout

West Seattle Beer _ Music Festival_no_logo-04.png

West SEattle Beer & Music Festival 2018

I designed the entire suite of graphics for this festival’s first year - using their existing logo as a jumping off point for the rest of the design.

11" x 17" poster

Typography, layout


Mediocre Valentine

A promotional poster for a marketing agency’s annual Valentine’s Day campaign, designed with hand-cut paper illustrations that were photographed for the graphic. We came up with the concept for this poster and copy. Collaboration with Yvonne Chien.

11" x 17" poster

Campaign concept, illustration

Rival Fitness V6_Page_3.jpg
Rival Fitness V6_Page_2.jpg

Rival Fitness

The client approached my firm to create an ad campaign that promoted two main aspects of their gym: the supportive community & their top-notch instruction. I came up with an idea to pull testimonials from their review pages and hand-letter them over their photos of their members and staff, which turned into this poster campaign.