Polite Society - Valentine's Day

The concept for this project was developed in collaboration with the team at Northwest Polite Society for their annual Valentine's Day marketing campaign in Capitol Hill. We wanted to create a cheeky and lighthearted street marketing campaign to spread a little cheer around the neighborhood. 

I created three designs to be used on 11" x 17" street posters and small 4" x 6" postcards to be handed out with candy and attached to gifts for clients. I wanted them to be graphic, easy to spot on the street, and have the aesthetic of a typical commercial valentine.

In addition to the design, I staged and photographed the cards to promote the campaign on social media. 

Art Direction, Typography, Photography

11 x 17 Valentine's Poster_Page_2.jpg
11 x 17 Valentine's Poster_Page_3.jpg

Social Media Response

We received an overwhelmingly positive response to the posters and cards - many people thought they were fun and uplifting! We were able to track a portion of the posts that were shared via the hashtag #PoliteAF.