Polite Society - Lonely Hearts

Every year, it’s tradition at NW Polite Society to create a fun neighborhood Valentine’s Day campaign to spread cheer in Capitol Hill. This year’s party theme was Lonely Hearts, which we designed the original concept around. The illustration was made from hand-cut paper that was arranged and photographed for the design. We loved the result so much that we adapted the design for our street posters, and included funny “mediocre Valentine” messages on them.

The final piece of the campaign was a series of seven 24” x 36” posters hung in the office that showed the history of the company through the metaphor of a growing garden, using the same components that we cut and photographed originally.

Illustration, concept, art direction, photography, copywriting

Collaboration with Yvonne Chien (typography, illustration)


Company History Posters

We came up with this concept of having our heart illustration “bloom” as a metaphor for the changes the company has gone through. These posters were hung in the entryway of the office to share the history with guests. 24” x 36” print.

Illustration, art direction