Illustration Series - Millennial


The personal illustration project began as an exploration in my own experience as a young adult - lost and searching for something. The following prints were displayed at Ballard Art Walk and Capitol Hill Art Walk in 2018. 



2019. Digital. 12” x 18” Print


I find myself often searching for moments of calm in a fast-paced and overwhelming world. Sometimes forgetting to slow down, breathe, and carve out a little space for myself

Digital. 2017. Available as 8" x 10" print & 16" x 20" print. 


Turns out the void I was trying to fill was just space to grow. 

Digital. 2017. Available as an 8" x 10" print. 


Some days, I am consumed by the rush- the rush to the next thing, the next goal, the next phase of my life. Can waiting also be part of the destination? I want to stop waiting for Friday, waiting to reach the next milestone, waiting for the pieces to fall together.

Digital Illustration. 2017. Available as 8" x 10" print. 

New year

There are so many possibilities you've never even dreamt of and so many places you have yet to go. 

Digital. Available as 8" x 10" print. 2018.


The achievements and opportunities of women today are only possible because of the women who came before me and fought those battles first. Our stories are intertwined. This is my gratitude.

Digital. 2017. Available as 8" x 10" print & 16" x 20" print.