returning to places you've never been

A collection of pieces exploring Asian-American identity and the struggle to reclaim cultural roots. The first three pieces were exhibited at the Middlebury College 2016 Senior Thesis Show and Independent Project Group Show in May of 2016. 



For many years I searched for this idea of belonging - to find a place to land, rather than feeling caught between two cultures and two worlds I couldn't reconcile. Can a state of wandering and searching be home, too?

2016. Digital. Available as 16" x 20" print. 



I was seven years old when I had my first lunchbox moment - a rite of passage for children of immigrants where the other kids make fun of your "ethnic" food despite the fact that is it DELICIOUS, perfected and passed down through years of cultural tradition. 

Digital & watercolor. 2017. 22" x 30"




Inspired by traditional Chinese papercutting and motifs - I created this piece with a digital illustration transferred to a laser cutter on wood pulp paper with acrylic paint, hung from fishing line. 

2016. Approximately 2' x 3'.


Dragon Illustration-01.png

Spring Festival - Chinese New Year

My family celebrated traditional Lunar New Year only a handful of times when I was child - as a result I grew up largely disconnected from this tradition, despite its enormous significance in Chinese culture. When I was 21, I experienced this holiday in Asia for the first time in my life and it made me incredibly sad that it wasn't something I had connected to before, especially since it was something my parents had both grown up with fond memories of. I made this piece to celebrate the joy and wonder of connecting to a deep and rich history of my roots. 

Digital inkjet print. 8" x 10" print. 2018